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Why should you have your furnace inspected and cleaned?

A furnace that is not running at peak performance can be deadly. Carbon Monoxide is a natural product of incomplete combustion. Virtually every gas furnace produces some Carbon Monoxide, which is usually carried away from your home through the furnace's venting. A clean, efficiently burning gas furnace produces very small amounts of carbon monoxide, while a dirty, inefficiently burning one can produce deadly amounts. Carbon Monoxide is odorless and colorless. It causes flu-like symptoms, disorientation, confusion, and even death.

It is highly recommended that you have your furnace cleaned and checked every year. The older the furnace, the more important this service is. Newer gas furnaces are equipped with many features that shut the furnace off when a problem is detected. Older furnaces have no such devices. Over time, furnaces can develop small cracks in the combustion chamber. These cracks may not be visible to the naked eye. It is through these cracks that Carbon Monoxide can leak into your home.


  • Pull blower and clean air handler.
  • Clean the burners.
  • Blow out heat exchanger.
  • Run vacuum to stop excess dust (keeps job clean).
  • We clean both primary and secondary heat exchanger.
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  • Increases performance of furnace which saves your money.
  • Moves more air and allows better air movement ( some rooms cold?) this could be the answer.
  • Noisy or whistling furnace usually mean dirty heat exchanger.

Fireplace Cleaning

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Why Do You Need to Clean Your Gas Fireplace Regularly?

Gas fireplaces, just like every other appliance in your home, needs to be tuned up and maintained regularly in order to avoid large and costly break downs. It is beneficial for your health and safety to clean your gas fireplace annually.


  • Clean glass and unit.
  • Check entire vent system and termination for condition and operation (if applicable).
  • An inspection of the explosion relief, flappers and glass door gaskets to ensure a proper seal.
  • An inspection on ventilation.
  • An inspection of the gas valve, gas components, remote controls and safeties.
  • Refer to manufacturers manual to ensure proper log placement.
  • Check Carbon monoxide.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Check Logs to ensure they are placed according to manufacturer guidelines (if not this may cause a production of carbon monoxide).
  • Check combustion air on burner, adjust if needed.
  • Inspect fan (if applicable).
  • Check to see if Thermopile is generating enough Millivolts (if applicable).
  • Check spark ignition.
  • Check self-started assembly (spark system).

Chimney Cleaning

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A fireplace or wood stove is warm and cozy on a winter evening, but can soon become a frightening experience with a chimney fire. Wood burning appliances always require regular maintenance to be safe and reliable. Most Insurance companies require annual chimney cleaning. By sweeping the flue we clean out the soot, creosote & debris that build up over time, and that build up can cause a chimney fire.

our process

  • Upon arrival the technicians lay a drop cloth around your fireplace to prevent debris from entering your home.
  • All Wood Ashes are removed from the fireplace.
  • A Vacuum hose is inserted at the base of the chimney to capture the soot, creosote.
  • We work hard to keep it clean.
  • Special Brushes are used to clean the flue.
  • A final inspection is made by the technicians ensuring all soot and debris have been properly removed from the chimney.

Duct Cleaning

air ducts cleaning maintenance at very low price with highly trained professionals in vancouver canada


Did you know cleaning your ducts regularly helps not only your furnace, but also your health. Having your ducts cleaned regularly may help prevent headaches, eye irritations, respiratory infections, asthma attacks, and fatigue due to dirty air ducts. If it's in your air ducts, you are breathing it! Most people spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors. The air you breathe has a substantial effect on you and your family's health.

Over the course of time, with normal use, air duct systems accumulate a mass of contaminants including dirt, dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, hair, pet dander, construction debris, and chemical residues. Our duct and dryer vent cleaning team provides personal service and exceptional quality. All of our services and products are guaranteed.

Our unparalleled service, competitive price, and overall value are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

our process

  • Cut 10" hole into hot plenum.
  • Connect truck mount to hot runner.
  • Clean and seal off each hot air register.
  • Cut 10" hole into cold plenum.
  • Connect truck mount to cold runner.
  • Clean and seal off each cold air register.
  • Clean hot plenums.
    • Punching holes every three feet.
    • Clean plenums by sending skip ball through the hole we pocked.
    • Holes in plenum will get plugged with 1" hole plugs.
  • Clean cold plenums.
    • Punching holes every three feet.
    • Clean plenums by sending skip ball through the hole we pocked.
    • Holes in plenum will get plugged with 1" hole plugs.
  • Clean furnace.
  • Clean blower.
  • Clean Filter by pressurizing.


boiler maintenance repairing in very low price in your doorstep in vancouver canada

The 27 points

Keep following 27 points in mind to run your boiler at peak performance.

  • Check operation of safety limit controls.
  • Check pressure relief valve (T&P).
  • Check water pressure and temperature set points.
  • Check expansion tank.
  • Check operation of thermostat.
  • Check circulating pump as required.
  • Check zone Valves.
  • Check pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable).
  • Inspect burners.
  • Examine vent connectors and inspect Venting system (if applicable).
  • Check vents damper operation (if applicable).
  • Check and adjust pilot light (If applicable).
  • Check flame rectification.
  • Measure stack (flute) temperature.
  • Check gas piping to boiler.
  • Check and adjust manifold gas pressure.
  • Clock appliance to verify correct output.
  • Combustion/ Ventilation air adequate.
  • Check for Co spillage (Burners).
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Check radiant floor temperature control device (Mixing valve or equipment).
  • Check By pass valve (adjust if needed).
  • Check Aqua stats.
  • Check Air vents.
  • Check for Air bubbles in the system.
  • Check for Carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Check for gas leaks.
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